Monday, May 12, 2014

15 Signs You're Married to a Bookman

We all have something we are passionate about.  I’m pretty obsessed with online marketing.  My husband, Brandon, is passionate about books.  He lives the life of a true bookman, so much so that we now own a book shop.  Do you live with a bookman (or bookwoman) in your home?  Here is a list of 15 things that might warn you that your significant other is obsessed with books.    

1.       Your mail has more literary magazines than junk mail.

2.       Bookmarks are a hot commodity and can be used as household currency.

3.       NEVER put a book on the shelf out of order, he will spot it immediately.

4.       His “favorite” books fill at least four book shelves.

5.       You feel like Ernest Hemingway is a close family friend, even though he died 19 years before you were born.

6.       Most of his friends are old enough to be his father.

7.       He cannot read a story about Sherlock Holmes without a pipe.

8.       He has a found pressed flower collection.

9.       When house hunting, rooms are measured in ‘book shelves’ not feet.

10.   He has an eReader, but never uses it.

11.   He uses words like “foredge” and “gutter” when describing a book.

12.   Readers Digest books are not allowed in the house.  Ever.

13.   Seating arrangements in the home are determined by optimal reading light.

14.   You never have to read a book because he gives you a full book report on everything he reads.

15.   Your collection gets so big you open a book store :)

-Martie Rison


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