Sunday, May 26, 2013


Hi! Welcome to our blog.
We are Brandon and Martie Rison the owners of Oddfellow's Fine Books and Collectables in Topeka, KS. Here we will talk about how to collect books, coins, and all sorts of other fantastic stuff.  We will provide reviews of some of our favorite books and answer questions you may not even know you had like:  Why is our currency called the dollar?  What makes a book collectable?  What exactly was Edgar Allan Poe's problem?
These are a few of our favorite things......
So for today's question we will answer one you are probably asking yourself now, "What the heck is a Numismatic Bookman?"  Numismatics is the study of, collecting of, or selling of currency which can be anything from paper money to coins, tokens, and all sorts of varied and strange objects.  A bookman is (in addition to my favorite font) someone who sells books for a living. In our particular case we operate a small used and collectible bookstore with a twist. In addition to great reading copies on subjects as varied as poetry, military history, art, religion, etc. we also offer an ever growing selection of scarce and rare, first edition and one-of-a-kind books with a focus on  children's stories, modern fiction, and early Kansas.  Our coin cases are as eclectic as our shelves; we buy and sell silver dollars, 19th century paper money, mint proof collectables, and even some foreign coins.  In addition to the books and coins we also carry antique maps, stamps, Topeka and Kansas memorabilia, collecting supplies, and ephemera (fear not, an ephemera blog post is soon to come so you will not need to Google this word).  Whether you collect or not we promise to inform, entertain, and even amaze you with our posts so check back often and learn why we are a couple who choose to be Oddfellow's.
Also check out or Facebook page or Twitter feed for more oddness and even a special or two.  You can view some of our books for sale online here.  Or if you want to get extra crazy and contact us directly, you can do so with the following information:
Oddfellow's Fine Books & Collectables
117 SW 6th Street
Topeka, Kansas 66611
We look forward to getting to know you all!
Brandon and Martie Rison


  1. I am from Augusta but I look forward to checking out and keeping up with your website and Facebook page! Well done you for spreading the written word! It warms my heart to see a new book store opening, selling real books!


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